Worth Empowering™

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Business Description

Our tees are reminders of your self-worth for the classy, dope, educated woman of faith who sometimes needs a reminder that she is enough! Our product is about you showing up as your best self by letting go of your prerequisites for worth and really believing that worth + value are your birthrights.

If you don’t start with knowing your worth, you’ll deceive yourself into believing that you’re not good enough, you don’t deserve more, everything has to be perfect, and/or carry guilt for saying “no.”
This is about you putting on your “Worth It” tee, taking a hard look in the mirror, and doing a worth it check every single day. When you’re empowered, not only are you able to authentically live your life but you impact other women to do the same.

Contact Person

Erika T. Kendrick


311 Claremont Avenue,

Montclair, New Jersey