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Business Description

ZhanasPlantMagic was founded by Zhana McGraw in 2018 with the belief that everyone can improve their personal health with the use of herbal supplements and skincare remedies. “Our aim is to provide highly effective holistic products made with natural ingredients and packaged in some serious style!”

The obsession to get away from toxic ingredients and fillers coupled with the desire to use ingredients from the earth to enhance one’s health, improve physical appearance, and increase stamina birthed the formulas for our product line.

“We wanted our herbal supplements and skin care remedies to be easy to integrate into existing daily routines, so people would see long lasting results.”

Dr. Jason Cooper, who also aspires to help improve his and other’s health through holistic methods, joined ZhanasPlantMagic in 2020. His background in pharmacy, yoga, and meditation helped pushed the development of our product line to the next level, ensuring every creation would have the perfect balance of nature and science.

ZhanasPlantMagic maintains the goal of providing the absolute best herbal supplements and skin care remedies with the hope of making holistic health easy as pie for everyone.

Contact Person

Zhana (Ja'Na) McGraw


3759 4th ave North,

St. Petersburg, Florida