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Queen Nefertiti Productions Inc is based in Columbus, Ohio. We are a 501(c)(3) non profit organization that produces pageant competitions for children and adults, both females and males, ages 0 and up. Our operated as  Limited Liability Company (LLC) from 2010 – 2022.  The LLC was dissolved in March 2022 and our Founder, Vanessa King,  created a charitable organization in June 2022. Our mission is to create pageant competitions based on values, character and heart for community work.   Our pageants all have a focus on community service/volunteering.  Our goal is to instill selflessness and humility into everyone who participates in our pageant competitions. We provide scholarships for winners of our pageant competitions.


The name Queen Nefertiti Productions is very fitting to the organization as Queen Nefertiti was not only known for her elegant beauty, but she was the most influential woman in Egypt for over a decade as she reigned alongside her husband, King Akhenaten (Amenophis IV).  Another goal of Queen Nefertiti Productions Inc is to teach every person who participates in it’s pageant competitions to become influential and recognize the beauty they each possess inside.


Queen Nefertiti Productions Inc prides itself in creating fun and exciting events.  We currently produce the following pageants: Ubuntu Pageants International, Miss Black Ohio USA Scholarship Pageant, Teen Universe Ohio Pageant, Hope Journey USA & Canada Pageants and the Ohio American Royal Miss Pageant, Ms. Ohio Senior America Pageant and the Ohio American Women Pageants. Profits for our competitions go towards our scholarships fund and assist winners with expenses to compete at the next level. When you see an event produced by Queen Nefertiti Productions Inc, you know it will be a quality event that your entire family will enjoy!